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Fixed Term Accounts

A Fixed Term Account, also known as a Fixed Deposit or Time Deposit, is a type of savings account where funds are deposited for a fixed period at a predetermined interest rate.

These accounts typically offer higher interest rates compared to standard savings accounts but require the depositor to keep the funds locked in for the agreed-upon term, which can range from a few months to several years. Withdrawals before the maturity date may incur penalties.

Fixed Term Accounts are popular among individuals and businesses seeking a secure and predictable way to grow their savings over a specific period.

  • Fixed Term Saving
  • Fixed Rate Cash
  • Resume your Current
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Secure International Transaction

Send and receive money across borders with secure channels.

24/7 Support from the Expert Team

Our Support Team is always available to assist with any issues.

Lowest Processing Fee than Other Banks

We offer the lowest fees for both local and international transactions.

Less Time in any Loans Approval

Our loan approval process is the easiest when it comes to processing and approval.

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Open Bank Accounts


Fill In The
Required Form

Go to create an account and fill in the form; your account will be created.


Submit All
Your Documents

Submit any additional documents recommended by our Account Team.


Get Your
Desire Account

Set up the desired type of account that you want to operate.


Required Document


  • NID/Birth certificate/Passport
  • Photograph - 2 Copies
  • Nominee photograph - 1 Copy
  • Nominee's NID/Birth ID/Passport
  • Income source document
  • E-TIN Certificate


  • Cheque-book facility
  • Debit Card cash withdrawal from ATMs
  • Interest on Monthly Average Balance
  • Higher ATM withdrawal limit
  • Utility Bill Payment Service
  • Online banking service thorough App


  • Age: At least 18 years
  • Nationality: World
  • Full-Time Job

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